You can own (& eat) this house!

This AMAZING, completely edible, Gingerbread House recently won the Studer Gingerbread House competition in Pensacola FL. It was created and donated by Chef William Guthrie. This incredible gingerbread house will be a fun and tasty holiday decoration in any house. It even lights up!

We’re raffling off the opportunity to win this magnificent house through noon on 12/22/2020. The Facebook Live Drawing is being held at 3pm on Tuesday 12/22/2020. You don't need to be present to win.

You can see the house at Apple Market 1021 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola and buy tickets there. Or you can purchase tickets online through using or use @AnimalAllies on Venmo . When you buy tickets online, we’ll fill out your tickets for you and put them in the bucket for the drawing. We'll text you a photo of your tickets.

Ticket prices are:

$1 for 1 ticket

$5 for 7 tickets

$10 for $18 tickets

You can also enter without purchasing tickets, please email your name and phone number to