Garfield's Sponsorship Page

Garfield is available for virtual adoption only. Garfield is blind in his left eye and very shy. He spends most of his time outside on the catio, but will come running to the window if his named is called for wet food feedings. Garfield is a very curious boy that loves to sit at the window and watch our volunteers, from the safety of behind the glass of course. You can help Garfield live a happy life with us by sponsoring him!

Prior to meeting or adopting any of our wonderful kitties, we ask that you please fill out our online Cat Adoption Application on our website  There is a link on the top of the home page. Click on "Fill in", you don't have to register.  For more information about this kitty or any others, you can contact us at or 850-377-2132.  We are a foster organization and don't have set hours we are open - but we will gladly set up an appointment for you to meet any cat.  Of course, you're under no obligation to adopt if you come to meet any of our fabulous felines.

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