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Blossom is such a good looking kitty.  Tiny little tufts on her ears, beautiful markings and coloring.  Her round face is so expressive!  Blossom and her mommy, Rosie, were living in a gutter off 9th Ave.  Blossom is not adoptable, but you can help Blossom and her friends by sponsoring for $10 or more a month!

Please help us help more kitties by Virtually Adopting or Sponsoring this kitty! Your recurring donation of $10, or more, per month goes a long way towards buying cat food and litter. 

We're a No Kill organization which means we don't put animals down unless it's medically necessary. Even though they might not be adoptable because they are too shy or because of health issues, they get to live happy lives free of cages with catios to safely enjoy the outdoors and plenty of food and love.

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