Animal Allies Florida

Our Mission

  • Reduce the number of animals put down every year in the Florida Panhandle (more than 12,000)
  • Spay or neuter as many animals as possible (especially feral cats)
  • Educate the public about the importance of spay and neuter
  • Help rehome animals in need

Animal Allies Florida was founded in December 2010 to help animals in our community.  Many of us had been doing this work for years on our own, out of our own pockets.  By creating Animal Allies, we can apply for grants, fundraise and join programs that support our efforts.  We can combine forces, share knowledge, and support each other, instead of trudging along on our own. Originally called Emerald Coast Animal Allies or ECAA for short, we changed our name in 2015 because many people though ECAA meant Escambia County Animal Shelter.  Although we support the county animal shelter's efforts to become no kill, we don't wish to be associated with them because we ARE NO KILL meaning no healthy animal is put down.

Animal Allies founder, Sharyn Berg , was instrumental in getting Escambia County to offer low cost rabies shots for animals that qualified to the low income spay/neuter program.  She also lead the effort to get animal shelter to give pain medications after spay/neuter surgery to all animals. Through a $25,000 grant won in 2012, Animal Allies was able to get 976 dogs and cats of low income families spayed or neutered. When Sharyn found out that a veterinarian hired by the county had killed 10 animals in three months through bad surgical practices she rallied the community to get Dr. Steward fired, as well as turned in a 146-page complaint to the Florida State Licensing Board.  The information that she gave the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency got Dr. Steward's registration revoked.

Animal Allies has also played a large role in changing the way Community Cats are viewed in Escambia County.  Sharyn started this organization because of her Trap/Neuter/Return efforts.  While TNR'ing, Sharyn found kittens and friendly stray cats that could be adopted.

If you like animals and want to help make their lives better, please become an Animal Ally .  We have a program where you can donate monthly to help us help animals.  Or come help us by volunteering.